Exciting new opportunity to spread the co-operative spirit!

December 2016

Co-operation Housing is currently working on an exciting potential opportunity to offer more interested people the opportunity to live in economically, socially and environmentally sustainable housing based on the co-operative model.

The City of Fremantle has called for expressions of interest in presenting a demonstration affordable housing project to be sited at 7 Quarry Street in the Fremantle CBD.

The aim of the City’s initiative is to address the shortage of affordable housing in the greater Fremantle area, and all projects must be based on the baugruppe (German for ‘building group’) model. A baugruppe is a self-funding group of members (which can include individuals, households and organisations) who collaborate directly with an architect and/or a builder to design and build an affordable, multi-household development to house themselves. This model eliminates developer costs and ensures that the resulting homes meet the needs and budgets of their future owners.

Co-operation Housing has formed a working group with likeminded experts including sustainable housing developer Eugenie Stockmann, housing co-operatives specialist Dr Elizabeth Cheong, housing co-operatives supporter Andrew Shack, architect Sid Thoo and development manager Anthony Rizzacasa.

Our group has prepared an innovative and sustainable demonstration affordable housing project based jointly on the baugruppe and contemporary housing co-operative models. It includes a ‘perpetual affordability’ element that will protect its status as affordable housing into the future.

Our project aims to appeal to people currently unable to afford to buy their own home in the Fremantle area and seeking a sense of belonging, community and connectedness. It may also include some commercial space to allow for the possibility of inviting social or for-purpose enterprises to be part of the development.

We have already hosted a series of booked-out free information sessions to invite people to become involved in the project, and been delighted with the level of interest and engagement.

We see this as a wonderful opportunity to showcase how the co-operative model can help to address the significant challenge of housing affordability and sustainability in today’s environment.

We’ll update our website with further news as it arises.

In the meantime, here’s a recently published article about our project, written by working group member Eugenie Stockmann:

Social capital and housing (Fremantle Herald, 28 October 2016)